Hey, have you decided to pursue a career in UI/UX Design and do not know how to get started? Or you’ve felt overwhelmed by everything you’ve seen or heard? You do not want to take any course and want to learn at your own pace without anyone monitoring you or asking you to pay?

You’ve come to the right place and I got you 😀

Take a deep breath. It’s really not that deep. It’s actually easy with the right guide.

In this article, I’ve collated some resources I used. They would help you go through the training from scratch to a full app design not minding your background. Be sure to go through everything.

✍🏽 Note that this is only a guide. If you feel left out and want to know more, you can always use Youtube or google. Make them your best friends, They don’t fail 😉

Check out what the confident designer has to say in this tweet

But if you don't want any of those courses, this would help you get started.


Difference between UI and UX

Understanding research

The design thinking process

Understanding your user

Getting a project topic

Empathise with users

Wireframes and low fidelity

Design elements

Case Study